Arlecchino is an android who is part of the group in search of the Inheritance and subordinate of Pinocchio. He was first introduced when he attempted to kidnapp Wale and used Clody as a leverage to do that. He showed that he will do anything to complete his mission no matter the cost to the surroundings or his personal well being.


He is a very headstrong individual, capable of inflicting pain ad suffering to anyone or anything that stands between him and the complition of his mission. He accepts defeat very badly and somethimes promise to retaliate later if not capable at the moment. He has little to none regard for the lives of humans as he sees them as nothing more than an obsticale that must to be removed so that he can succeed. His cruelty is on a equel level as his loyalty to his commander Pinocchio.


He is a well build young man with brown hair.

Ability Edit

As an android he posses enhanced strength, speed, durability that far surpasses this of a normal human being. Because of his mechanical body he doesn't  have the urge to eat, sleep or feel the sensation of pain. Thanks to the fact that his is not bound by laws of the fragilty of human flesh he is much older than he actualy is. The experiece that he ammased through the ages is very valuable for him as a fighter.

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